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Bernard Sharp gives thanks for marriage, and all that it means to those who are not. YOU MARRIED people are funny - you make me laugh!" I've said this many times to friends and parishioners - usually when they're sparking [...]

Devotional Meditation

The Wisdom of the Grave Cultural Influences The effects of the mass-communication of ideas often emerge in the comments of an ordinary conversation reflecting the extent to which people accept the predominant outlook of the Age. Today's culture is preoccupied [...]


A sermon preached at the Requiem Mass of Bishop John Hazlewood in St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Ballarat on Wednesday September 9, 1998 by Fr Peter Treloar LET ME BEGIN with the obvious: John Hazlewood was once the Dean of [...]

Letter from America

Shunning Shaw NOT SURPRISINGLY, our bishops’ responses to the Lambeth Conference continue along the lines I described last month. Conservative bishops are happy, liberal bishops are not. Thanks to the clarity of the resolution on sexuality and marriage, on this [...]

30 Days

ARCHBISHOP GEORGE...SHOCK, HORROR! Radio 4 recently ran a discursive item on the boom industry of counselling. One shrink was broadly in favour another shrink was fairly critical. The interviewer turned, for “the church’s view” to none other than the Archbishop [...]


The Fifth National Assembly of Forward in Faith (Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, WC1, September 25-26) saw the constituency in excellent form. It was, quite simply the best Assembly ever, and one which showed a unanimity of purpose and downright good [...]

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