/October 2001 Articles

What did you see?

Seated in the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban on Saturday, 15 September, waiting for Bishop Edwin Barnes’ great celebration to begin, my attention was gripped at about 10.55am by a small – a very small – procession. Led [...]

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England, My England?

‘And what should they know of England who only England know?’ (The English Flag, Rudyard Kipling) On a recent holiday in Australia I was forcibly struck by the fact that I saw more Union flags in three weeks than in [...]

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Highways and byways of hymns Peace and the Palace It has come to our attention that a significant percentage of those who read this column – say nought point two – are fellow members with its author of the APF, [...]

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Book Reviews

INSPIRATION David R Law Continuum, 234pp 0 8264 5183 7, £16.99 I was in two minds when this book arrived. Would it be relaxing holiday reading or something more solid? Inspiration had always been for me a joyful and exciting [...]

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30 Days

GEMS FROM THE CREM I Thanks to the eternal vigilance of our Crematorium Correspondent and the enthusiastic co-operation of death industry operatives, 30 Days is in a position to share with you some recent exemplars of pastoral practice and excellent [...]

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To our friends in America at this time of sorrow, we offer our deepest sympathy, support and prayers. We will continue to hold you all on our hearts before the altar of God in the days ahead. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Eleven bishops [...]

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