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Mary and Mother Church The Church is often charged with the supposed sin of patriarchalism; and since there is such a widespread sense of unease, and even guilt, about this, we should turn to the Fathers of the Church to [...]

Believe It Or Not?

Robbie Low on Saying and Believing Sunday by Sunday the parish priest stands before the altar of God and leads the Christian community in proclaiming the Creed. It is a relatively brief but irreducible minimum of the Christian faith. Each [...]


A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes The kitchen of ‘Bishopsdingle’ – the official residence of the Bishop of Motherwell and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church – was, in the opinion of Commander Melhuilish, something of a tip. She [...]

Water and Wine

Patrick Reardon on the ascetic theology of St Paul When the apostle Paul appointed St Timothy to be the bishop at Ephesus in the mid-50s, he sent the young pastor a series of wise pastoral directions. He told him, for [...]

Painting on Walls

Anne Gardom considers the significance of murals Murals – paintings on walls – are as old as mankind itself, full of mystery and unanswered questions. We look at the cave-paintings in France and Spain, or those made by the bushmen [...]

Fantasia Revisited

The internet has been alive with comments on the druidical ‘ordination’ of the next Archbishop of Canterbury. In a ceremony apparently invoking the ‘god and goddess’ (very PC) and the sheathing and unsheathing of a ceremonial sword (rather less so) [...]

The Actress and the Pope

John Hunwicke on the second Council of Constantinople ‘Cherchez la femme’ might be one way to understand the Fifth Ecumenical Council. The ‘femme’ – the Actress – was a remarkable lady – daughter, they said, of a bear-keeper, she was [...]

Doing Our Bit

We live in a tiny hamlet on the Pennine watershed, three houses (rectory, the old glebe barn and stable) and a little Norman church, either side of a single track road. Above is a small, rounded hill that was once [...]


A Sermon in Stone The wayfarer in Leicestershire might easily miss its most precious gem: Staunton Harold – a house, church and lake which perfectly complement each other. Their sheer beauty on first sight may, however, conceal their real significance, [...]

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