/October 2003 Articles

Idle Curiosity

Without God and without hope? One small indicator of the enduring power of hymns is the use made of them for both comic parody and serious imitation. In the first category come Lewis Carroll who did it on purpose, or [...]

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Leadership in Crisis

John Richardson on the privatization of episcopacy It has for some time been the practice of bishops when instituting clergy to refer to the cure of souls as being ‘yours and mine’. In reality, however, the parish clergyman soon discovers [...]

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Accountability and Unity

The Archbishop of Sydney responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury Everyone who knows the Archbishop of Canterbury personally testifies to his deep commitment to the unity of the Anglican Communion. It is also recognized that he is going to need [...]

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Suicide and the self

The Hutton Inquiry has given theologians a case to answer The only time I have been to the Samaritans, as a displaced and alienated twenty-something, I was furiously angry at the shabbiness of the premises. A first floor room, approached [...]

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October 2003 Last month we were privileged to publish an article by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. That piece echoed around the world getting extensive coverage wherever the Anglican Church has a ministry. In the secular press too, [...]

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