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Sweet Jesus

Robbie Low on mission, McCulloch and the ministry of all believers The day after the last issue of New Directions went to press my phone rang. Had I seen the story in the papers about priests handing out sweeties in [...]


Off the Hook In the last article of our series we examine the proposals for a Free Province. The Anglican Communion presently enjoys impairment of communion at both the presbyteral and the episcopal levels. Orders are no longer interchangeable between [...]

Hymn and her

When one of our contributors gets public recognition it's always a great encouragement. Chris Idle, who wrote our entertaining Hymns column for many years and contributes wonderful pastoral articles, is a longstanding and much loved hymn writer. In 2003 the [...]

A Pattern of Plagues

Patrick Henry Reardon examines the symbolism of the events of the Exodus In the biblical books that narrate Israel's Exodus from Egypt and its journeys in the wilderness, it is not difficult to detect a series of contrasts between God's [...]

Principal boys

John Edmonson continues his series on theological education ALL THEOLOGIANS and ministers of the Christian faith will develop different personal emphases in their individual understanding of the Gospel and will also, when called upon to teach, vary correspondingly in their [...]


Spontaneity and order Decently and in order So, says St Paul, should everything in public worship be done (1 Corinthians 14.40). It is interesting that this is his final summarizing comment at the end of three chapters devoted to the [...]

A Third Way

Paul Richardson on the major response to women 'bishops' Consecrated Women? falls into three main sections. The first offers a careful and reasoned statement of the reasons why Catholic Christians cannot accept the ordination of women as either priests or [...]

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