/October 2004 Articles

Ghostly Counsel

In the course of most days I receive requests for intercessory prayer. Most of them are suitable for the public domain and are added to the list of names and intentions used in public worship. It is not unusual to [...]

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Trying too hard

Like all wise motorists I take careful note of speed cameras, but each time I see one and then check my speed, I also reflect upon the sorry tale of their bright yellow colouring, for it is the result of [...]

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Promises, promises

Patrick Cormack on the Act of Synod and the parliamentary process Those who suggest that, after ten years, the Act of Synod can be conveniently cast aside because it was an unnecessary gesture of appeasement are guilty of an almost [...]

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Briefs encounter

Paul Benfield on the lawyers behind the Third Province In the spring of 2002 I received a message asking me to contact Canon Beau Brandie. This intrigued me. Were the Brighton Sea Scouts about to sail into Fleetwood and require [...]

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You will remember the rash of motions in Anglican Synods across the Communion in the 1970s: ‘That there are no fundamental objections to the ordination of women’. The whole proceeding was absurd, of course, but no-one (or almost no-one) questioned [...]

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