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BEXHILL-on-SEA St Barnabas’ Church, Sea Road. Sunday Parish Mass 10am, Third Sunday 4pm Evening Prayer and Benediction. Mass daily at 10am except Monday (but check the noticeboard), First Tuesday 2.30pm Walsingham Cell. Sacrament of Reconciliation after Mass or by arrangement. [...]


Discussions about the amalgamation of small, non-viable dioceses have for the present (so we hear) been moved to the back-burner. This might encourage them. There are forty-three dioceses in England. There are forty-three Police Authorities covering the same country. How [...]

Forward in Faith update

National Assembly The 12th Forward in Faith National Assembly will take place at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1 on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October 2005. After a closed meeting between the Forward in Faith Council, the College of [...]

Mars man Betjeman

Alan Edwards on the loss of one of our less celebrated art forms: the advertising Poem and the rhyming jingle For music lovers 1959 was the year that the music died when the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and [...]

Page 29

St Mary at the Elms Haley Dossor and describes the restoration of its Shrine and a recent Pilgrimage In the twelfth century, Ipswich was already a prosperous town and port for the wealthy hinterland of Suffolk, where large quantities of [...]


Zimbabwe At the cross roads Anyone who has been closely following the situation in Zimbabwe, both in the church and secular world, must be wondering whether some form of spiritual intervention is likely in the near or distant future. Background [...]

letters to the editor

The Catholic Party From Mr Richard North In his article in September’s ND, Fr Aidan Nichols has provided a masterly reprise of the history of the Catholic ‘party’ in the Church of England. However, it appears to me that something [...]

Unforeseen Injustice

While most of the work concerns planning for a future structural solution, John Pitchford reminds us of one aspect of the current solution, a cruel anomaly that has only worsened with the passage of time For generations, or if you [...]

30 Days

ACRONYM Bishop Tom Wright’s Anglican Communion Renewal Of New Youth Ministries (see 30Days passim) has inspired numbers of you. Jonathan Brown came up with half a dozen efforts, of which the Anglo-Catholic Register Of Nubile Young Men was the most [...]

Pastors new

Francis Gardom finds himself on the streets late at night – again! Several years ago I retired from the Special Constabulary. I had enjoyed ten years patrolling the streets of Lewisham every Friday evening, and retirement left a gap waiting [...]

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