/October 2006 Articles

Father and son

What were the religious sympathies of Shakespeare’s father? George Austin looks at the evidence Orthodox Anglicans today – especially the clergy – know only too well that to survive in some dioceses, it can be prudent either to keep a [...]

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How Scripture argues

Tom Sutcliffe, the noted Southwark liberal, responds to last month’s challenge to ‘tell us of any positive arguments from Scripture’ for women bishops In answer to the challenge on page 3 of the September issue, surely the primary argument from [...]

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Justice & equality

Nicholas Turner reflects on the implications of a case before the European Court Along with nearly every other person in England (save only gay activists and government ministers) we wish Joy Burden, aged 88, and her sister Sybil, aged 81, [...]

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Francis Gardom asks us to take the classical Christian understanding of mystery and imagination more seriously When Edgar Allen Poe called his short stories Tales of Mystery and Imagination he was unwittingly employing terms fundamental to the Christian faith. No [...]

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Plain & scriptural

John Shepley is prepared to be persuaded by a positive argument from Scripture in favour of women bishops but remains most uncertain as to whether any such case can ever be convincingly made With Canon Jane Sinclair’s amendment to the [...]

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Equal & equivalent

Stuart Seaton considers one of the common assumptions behind the supposed scriptural presumption in favour of women’s ordination and detects a category error behind the call for equality in the body of Christ I imagine that even before they read [...]

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Protestant veto

It may be a quality that has been abused of late, but the fact remains that the Church of England, for all its manifold sins and wickedness, does still show and share a fine degree of tolerance and comprehensiveness. These [...]

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Faith & history

Paul Griffin calls for a new appreciation of the role of history in education, and the importance of teaching pupils about the wider picture of historical events Now and again we are told that history is being badly taught in [...]

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Tom and Marcus

Simon Heans investigates the theology of Professor Borg, his considerable influence among American Episcopalians and his interesting collaboration with Bishop Tom Wright As the imbroglio that is TEC becomes ever more confused it is not surprising that Archbishop Rowan has [...]

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Male & female

Joan White If one considers the apparent sincerity of the Islamist suicide bomber, one can see that the conviction does not tie in with what is known of Godhead, either as a Muslim or as a Christian. The first I [...]

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