/October 2006 Articles

Church as communion

Cardinal Kasper’s understanding of the role of the bishop as focus of unity was entirely consistent with existing Anglican thinking Bishop Paul Richardson draws out the ecumenical aspects W hen Cardinal Kasper spoke to the college of bishops of the [...]

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The RooT conference

Brother Martin ssf reports on the latest meeting Anglican traditional religious in Oxford A somewhat motley band of monks and nuns met for the annual gathering of RooT at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, in September (RooT is an acronym for [...]

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Gently turning tide

Andy Hawes notes a change in the air which suggests that the momentum of the liberal bandwagon has weakened noticeably over the past decade so that earlier assumptions no longer have the force they once had Something must be happening. [...]

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Catholic Anglicans unequivocally reject General Synod’s authority to change the Orders of Christ’s Church: they are simply not in the Synod’s gift. This is a fundamental element of the Church of England’s selfunderstanding and self-definition: we believe ourselves to be, [...]

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