/October 2007 Articles

The need for hope

Owen Higgs explains why we should not shy away from asking God for help through prayer - even for what seem the less important things in life J.R.R. Tolkien was not a great theologian, but he kept hold of what [...]

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Way, truth and life

When putting together a presentation of the Christian faith, there are three kinds of potential audiences to be considered. Hugh Baker shares the benefits of a recent educational experience You haven't heard much from me of late - I've been [...]

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Resolution change

Regulations allow parishes to opt in and out of any of the three Resolutions whenever they want, but this can be disruptive, as Paul Griffin explains Under the current regulations, it is permissible for a parish to change its stance [...]

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IV The baptism argument

Geoffrey Kirk asks if women can be baptized, should they also be ordained? What is the ministerial priesthood? What are its origins? On what does its distinctive authority (if any) rely? And what is its relationship to the 'priesthood of [...]

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Monastic fervour

Reflections on theological training at Mirfield by Oliver Coss a former ordinand and now curate Of the many experiences in life that a person is taught to approach with apprehension, there are none quite so daunting (I discover) as putting [...]

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Of simple things

Margaret Laird looks at the work and achievement of Bryan Pearce, the St Ives artist whose disability mean t his pain tings were an essential way of expressing devotion Summer visitors to St Ives will almost certainly be familiar with [...]

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Head of the church

George Austin on the changing and often fraught relationship between Church and State in eleventh- and early twelfth-century England and the emergence of cronyism on the bench of bishops The years following the Synod of Whitby have been rightly described [...]

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His trustworthiness

Thomas Seville cr disagrees with Simon Hearns' assessment of Rowan Williams 'Tokens of Trust, and finds much to recommend in the Archbishop's presentation of the meaning of faith It was said, in a valedictory appreciation of Robert Runcie by the [...]

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Being cool

Church attendances will continue to fall until the Church tunes into rap and pop culture. Imitating supermarkets is the way to halt decline. Two latest recipes for success from cool clerics. New Directions won't be beaten when it comes to [...]

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