/October 2007 Articles

A common mission

Jonathan Naumann challenges some of the misconceptions about Lutherans and their attitude to the Catholic faith and sketches the particular witness of the Missouri Synod If you don't know that much about Lutherans or Lutheranism, you could be forgiven for [...]

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Impossible dreams

Jonathan Lloyd mourns the passing of his liberal youth the wonderful decency of the first generation lapsed and the sad disappointment of the second generation Once I was a liberal, for I caught the dream; now I am no longer, [...]

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Disappearing fathers

In the face of growing evidence that single parenthood is linked with social deprivation and violent crime, why does the government fail to respond? The RevdJohn P. Richardson investigates Is aspirin the solution to youth crime? Back in the early [...]

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Bishops trial run

The Church in Wales' legislation We know already that there have been and will be problems introducing and passing a Women Bishops Bill in England's General Synod. The Scottish church paved the way for the innovation in the British Isles, [...]

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Hope in the sadness

Ian Brooks reports from Croxteth and reflects on nearly three decades of ministry next to the community that saw the as yet unsolved murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones (26 September 1995-22 August 2007) The shooting by an (as yet) unidentified [...]

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In what looks like a rush to pre-empt the CofE, the Church in Wales has published a draft Bill to enable women to be ordained as bishops. It is a strange confection. It begins by claiming that it is 'now [...]

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