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Nottingham alabasters

One of this country's greatest artistic contributions to European culture destroyed by the political exigencies of the Tudor dynasty In the fifteenth century Nottingham was the European centre for alabaster sculpture production, sending work as far as Poland , Croatia [...]

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Youthful impatience

A recent advert would have us believe that 'impatience is a virtue' but, as Clare Rabjohns explains, Mary's example shows that nothing could be further from the truth The latest advert for Samsung gives you its message directly because, it [...]

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Knox had it wrong

Paul Griffin looks at Ronald Knox's account of his spiritual journey and his reason for converting to Roman Catholicism Recently I came across a book by Ronald Knox called A Spiritual Aeneid. This was originally published in 1918, and gives [...]

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Conjuring words

In the first of two articles, John Hunwicke looks at the danger of basing an interpretation on the 'spirit' of what is said rather than the actual words used It is no secret that Roman Catholics are not at one [...]

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Despair and GMH

We know Gerard Manley Hopkins as a Jesuit priest who loved God's creation. 'Glory be to God for dappled things'. 'The world is charged with the grandeur of God', 'Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleafing'. His poetry perhaps seems [...]

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Moral revulsion

Anthony Saville finds wisdom in the words of Amos the prophet The news that a man, beginning a process of gender change but before any decisive operation, has gained the right to be transferred to a women's prison, caused a [...]

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Churchpeople (as any liberal will tell you) have a duty to critique both the language and policies of politicians. Currently they would do well to begin with the concept of 'fairness'. 'Fairness' is, after all, a notion that has religious [...]

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One rogue bishop

John Shepley continues his examination of the impact of the 1970 resolution by the Anglican Consultative Council with a look at the longer-term consequences for the Anglican Communion and ecumenical relations When Jane Hwang and Joyce Bennett were ordained to [...]

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