/October 2010 Articles

Time for thanks

Richard Norman acknowledges that there may be little at the moment to encourage us to give thanks but exhorts us not to forget the importance of thanksgiving Members of Forward in Faith may struggle in these dark days to find [...]

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Is ARCIC forgotten?

Although it is often sadly ignored, ARCIC is a shining example of how discussions on Christian unity should be conducted with honesty and humility, explains Ronald Crane When engaged in discussions about Christian unity, when one is searching for that [...]

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Thatched churches

ottages yes, but churches? There’s about a hundred of them, half of those in Norfolk (see Michael Billett’s English Thatched Churches). Markby is the only one in Lincolnshire, built c.1540 using stone from the ruined Markby Priory. It was tiled [...]

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Having a good war

Now that the field of economics has had its reputation destroyed by the recession, the Church must abandon the social sciences and rediscover its own disciplines, writes Digby Anderson Bear with me. You may, by now, think this column approaches [...]

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Gathering in the north

Gary Waddington, Team Rector of the St Wilfrid team ministry in Harrogate, reflects on the Northern Sacred Synod held on 23rd September 2010 A wit once retorted that clergy were like manure: in a pile they stank; spread thinly they [...]

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Oh no you can’t

Could a new province be set up for traditionalists without reference to General Synod? Matthew Chinery offers a pessimistic analysis of the legal arguments In August’s New Directions Fr Robert Van Der Weyer submits that traditionalists could seize for themselves [...]

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I wouldn’t swear to it

Possibly because he launched his new slant on Free Expressions in the silly season Fr Michael Land’s proposals haven’t been taken as seriously as they deserve. This Herefordshire cleric, annoyed by a reckless driver, swore at the offender. Telling him [...]

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A parliament of fools

David Nichol despairs of General Synod after listening to one of its minor debates and finding nothing but an obsession with supposed justice Like those who are tennis fans only during Wimbledon fortnight, I find I am interested in the [...]

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