/October 2011 Articles

Age and ages

George Austin draws on personal experience to reflect on eighty years of secular and religious history On 16 July I celebrated my eightieth birthday. It was only on the following day, as I looked at the dresser adorned with cards [...]

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Pastoral Letter

From the Bishop of Burnley to SSWSH North West As the Church of England wrestles with the issue of ordination of women to the Episcopacy, those of us with conservative evangelical or catholic convictions, who cannot accept such ordinations, realise [...]

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Reaching the institutionalized

The clergyman who founded the Iwerne Minster ministry to England’s elite public schools through evangelistic summer camps has come back under the spotlight following the death in July of the Anglican evangelical leader, Dr John Stott. The Revd E.J.H. Nash [...]

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Guy Willis looks back on the lessons learned from an inspiring vocations conference at St Stephen’s House If priesthood were a product (bear with me briefly) vocations conferences would be a sort of infomercial. One crucial difference between the two, [...]

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The Priesthood

Forty years a priest, I do detect That what my people most expect Is that when crises come their way I’ll have the wisest words to say. Vocation is to penetrate Their fiercest ills and then to state Not solutions, [...]

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A New Constitution

The Constitution of the Mission Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda THE SOCIETY Under the Patronage of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda CONSTITUTION Adopted by the Bishops of The Society on 18th July 2011 OBJECTS OF THE CHARITY 1. [...]

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