/October 2013 Articles

Ghostly Counsel

Remembrance Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House ‘Remember’ is a frequent command in Scripture. The people of Israel were commanded to remember that ‘you were once slaves in Egypt’ and to remember too that with ‘an outstretched [...]

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The end of summer

The hills in August fall behind the stars And late light lightens nothing in the north coast village. Morning comes at last with fresh oranges And an agile clarinet K.581 The breakfast garden prepared but the clients delay; Starched white [...]

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A future full of hope?

Nicolas Stebbing CR considers the future of religious life Our modern Catholic movement in the Anglican Church is reckoned to have begun in the early 1830s. As a direct response to that in the 1840s women began to form themselves [...]

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This holy place

The Warden of Ascot Priory, Paul McLaren-Cook, reflects on the history of the Priory and its continued service to the Church Set in in 40 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens Ascot Priory is one of the little known gems [...]

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Another ‘cunning plan’?

Britain’s rising number of elderly is becoming a problem. Not only do they block access to services that otherwise could be used by Jamie Oliver’s kitchen brigades of work hungry East Europeans, but the elderly’s fits of muddle-headedness also cause [...]

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