/October 2013 Articles

Brightest and best

Grant Naylor encourages us to make a pilgrimage to Durham Cathedral ‘In those days whenever a clerk or priest visited a town, English folk always used to gather at his call to hear the Word, eager to hear his message’ [...]

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Keep the faith!

Alan Rabjohns reports from the Governing Body in the Church in Wales In an interview on the Sunday programme before the last month’s debates in the Governing Body the Archbishop of Wales said that the Governing Body differed from the [...]

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What’s the story?

Nicholas Turner considers some of the early implications of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 With unseemly haste the government has passed its Marriage (Same Sex Couple) Act 2013, and given it the Royal Assent. If you read it [...]

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And so it continues Simon Killwick on where we are with the women bishops legislation The atmosphere at the July Synod was better than expected, given the fall-out over the failure of the previous Measure in November last year; some [...]

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