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October Devotion

Michael Fisher on containing the Uncontainable   Hail, creature, embracing your Creator, Hail little container, containing the Uncontainable.’ Theodotus of Ancyra, 5th century “Hail, little container.” What an odd turn of phrase – and yet how true. Strip away some [...]

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Leave Us Not Comfortless

The Bishop of Burnley on why unity matters in Wales and everywhere else   There is a very irritating rhetorical technique that Christians often employ when debating matters of faith and morals. You hear it frequently on the floor of [...]

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Lament for Perugia

James Davy’s response to the recent Italian earthquakes   The morning of Wednesday 24 August, St Bartholomew’s Day, saw two large earthquakes hit the Umbria region of Central Italy. The first, with a magnitude of 6.2, deep under the town [...]

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Justice For Whom?

Graham Sawyer articulates some deeply painful issues   I have written this article in response to Colin Podmore’s piece in the February edition of New Directions, “Episcopal Justice”. My own position is this: I am a traditionalist priest who is [...]

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