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As New Directions goes to press Anglican Catholics are gathering for the Forward in Faith and Anglican Catholic Future conference on Catholic Mission. The aim of the three-day conference is to explore ways in which those of differing opinions on [...]

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Equal Rights for Ladies

Alan Smith considers proposed changes to inherited titles   In July 2018 a case was lodged in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg by five women, each the daughter of a hereditary peer, to remove the bias in [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Boxed in Andy Hawes   This month sees the feast of St Francis of Assisi (4th October) one of the patron saints of Europe, also claimed by environmentalists, and peace-makers, and of course the chosen name of the present Pope. [...]

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Valuing Our World

Nicolas Stebbing CR makes a case for valuing our vulnerable planet as much as its impoverished people   ‘I’m over 80. I don’t produce anything. I’m of no value. I shouldn’t still be around.’ I heard this recently from a [...]

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A View from Sweden

Bo Brander offers an account of the current state of the Church of Sweden   At the end of October this year I will retire after almost 44 years in service as a minister in the Church of Sweden. This [...]

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A Necessary Evil?

Richard Norman considers a new book defending the death penalty   On 2 August this year, the Roman Catholic church revised Canon 2267 of its Catechism, which reflects on the application of capital punishment. The change (which does not yet [...]

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Catholic and Reformed?

Martin Hislop reports on the situation in Australia   ‘The Anglican Communion,’ Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher famously wrote, ‘has no peculiar thought, practice, creed or confession of its own. It has only the Catholic Faith of the ancient Catholic Church, as [...]

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A Faithful Remnant

New Directions reports on the state of the Scottish Episcopal Church   The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) in its current form has a noble history, dating back to the 1690 Revolution Settlement. Early Celtic missionary saints like Ninian, Columba, Kentigern [...]

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