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POPE BECOMES AN ANGLICAN A matter of months after "going to Rome", Bishop Clarence Pope of the Episcopal Church U.S.A. has returned to Anglicanism. He is, to date, quite the most high profile returnee and official reasons are pretty thin [...]


FAITH OF OUR FATHERS The vandalism of crosses in churchyards naturally offends Christians for whom the Cross speaks of the God of love. Nevertheless, like water from the tap, we can take the Cross for granted. Holy Cross Day, also [...]

Biblical Exposition

The Pastor-Teacher Holds the Key: Eph 4:1-24 When the ascended Christ took his place in Heaven, he both received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:33) and poured him out, much as a monarch at a coronation both receives gifts and also [...]

FiF UPdate

MERRILY ON HIGH In true Brighton form, some 300 Forward in Faith supporters gathered in S.Martin's, Brighton on 13th August, to be led by the Bishop of Fulham in Evening Prayer and a procession of Our Lady through the streets [...]


David Holloway takes a further look at the BSR report 'Something to Celebrate' The distinguished sociologist Brigitte Berger claims that there is a "war over the family". The family, indeed, has been under attack for some time. David Cooper, an [...]


The Editorial Board of New Directions (which - let the reader understand -is not without its lighter element) has been known to fantasise. At the end of a long meeting dealing with the Church of England as it seeks to [...]

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