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Liturgical Notes

Follow Rome back to Cranmer It must be thirty years since John Higginbotham let me teach in one of the half-dozen best Classics departments in England, at Lancing; and we must thank him for his explanation (ND June 2002) that [...]

A Divided Church?

The divisions may not be those we would expect IS the Episcopal Church tottering on the brink of schism or self-destruction, theologically and ideologically fractured, like many American religious groups, over homosexuality and other issues prominent in the nation's culture [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Gregory the Great, The Book Of Pastoral Rule The Art of Arts When the Anglican Communion is in turmoil over the appointment of bishops, here are some appropriate words of Gregory the Great (Feast day 3rd September) to ponder. They [...]

New Directions

Robbie Low looks back on ten tumultuous years IT WAS February, 1993: three months after General Synod's vote to permit the ordination of women to the priesthood. Some priests and people had already set out for Rome. A not inconsiderable [...]

An Anatomy of Error IX

Reason Unreasonable REASON (often in its modern guise of `contemporary experience') is sometimes taken to be the strong suit of those in favour of the ordination of women. Certainly it is true that many were swayed in the Synod debate [...]

Family History

Patrick Henry Reardon on the tenor of the Biblical narrative MANY years ago a devout old woman of Irish extraction told me the story of her family's migration to the United States during the great potato famine, in the course [...]

Where are they now?

Lambeth Briefing The death of Archdeacon Andrew Armitage-Shanks, latterly Bishop of Twyford, came as a shock to many New Directions readers. The editor was overwhelmed with letters expressing grief and unbelief that so promising a career had been cut short. [...]

Gathering by night

SUBURBAN London is a wonderful place for autumn fruit. The large, untidy commons are full of blackberries, plums, damsons, sloes, crab apples. And surprisingly uncluttered with fellow harvesters; there seems to be enough for everyone. True, they are in the [...]

Anglican Devotion

The Hymnal EASTERN Orthodox Christians curious about Anglicanism were advised by Nicholas Lossky, the Russian Orthodox theologian, to search in Anglicanism's liturgical and devotional literature, the Book of Common Prayer, the Hymnal and the theological works of Anglican divines, rather [...]

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