/September 2006 Articles

Kasper v. Sentamu

Ernest Skublics analyses some of the arguments used by the Archbishop of York in his General Synod Presidential Address responding to cardinal Kasper's speech to the House of Bishops With fond memories of my Münster days, where Walter Kasper was [...]


The need for contemplative communities Sister Katherine Maryel SSB If the Church of England wishes to keep the religious communities in the Church, they will have to move briskly. That active communities will always be admired for their work is [...]

Who can confirm?

John Hunwicke Who can confirm is a question that may become a problem as communion becomes more and more ‘impaired’ in the probably chaotic years which may lie before us. Suppose you cannot find an orthodox bishop who is prepared [...]

Intimate knowledge

Fr Gregory CSWG offers a different view of the work of the Christian theologian Bishop John Saxbee [ND August] affirmed that ‘To be truly a theological argument, whatever the subject matter may be, the object of the argument must be [...]

A very thin CV

Mark Stevens finds reason to be worried at the election of Katherine Schori as TEC Primate There are questions [see Correspondents] about the curriculum vitae of the Presiding Bishop elect of the Episcopal Church. It seems she has adopted the [...]

Unfolding adventure

Christina Rees, one of the Church of England's most well known spokespersons explains to those of us who disagree why opening the episcopate to women will be for the good of the whole church The author of this month’s lead [...]


The Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Tom Wright, is a respected theologian, one of the heavy-weights on an otherwise often light-weight bench of bishops. It was therefore genuinely shocking to listen to his cavalier speech at the July Synod. [...]