/September 2007 Articles


Angel thoughts Thomas Seville cr It is a matter of Christian faith, part of the doctrine of creation, that human beings are not alone as intelligent creatures in the creation. There are the angels, part of the invisible, the unseen [...]

To the point

VII Secular uses of buildings What does Canon Law say about the use of church buildings for secular purposes, such as school speech days, concerts and plays, jumble sales, discos and dances? The use of a church for secular purposes [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Prayer block Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House It is a terrible experience not to be able to settle to prayer. To pick up the Bible or a Prayer Book and have no inclination to open it [...]

Not rocket science

Geoffrey Squire tells a homely tale of the merits of being friendly to those with whom we disagree Youthlink mostly operates byway of 'Journey Groups' for churchgoing young people and their friends. Two lads aged sixteen found out about the [...]

Really the same God?

Ernest Skublics eschews the idea that we all worship the same God and insists on the relational aspect of God, the verb not the noun It is one of those nice, unquestioned modern assumptions, that in 'the Abrahamic Religions', Judaism, [...]

The treasurer retires

Julian Mann, Vicar of Oughtibridge, on old people and the young and the relationship of the spiritual and the rational It was in between vicars that Bob decided to step down as treasurer of Booty Bridge parish church after seventeen [...]

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions - and great expectations? Paul Kent explores Mission Initiatives Throughout the history of the Church of England, stirrings have arisen spontaneously from within, and from time to time, to respond to the pressures of the world at large. [...]

Liberal Catholic

Simon Heans examines Rowan Williams' contribution to The Religion of the Incarnation, and his claim that conversion and judgement are the basis of dogma It is often said that Archbishop Rowan is a Liberal Catholic. But what does that mean? [...]

Words & words

Let's admit that occasionally the liberals could be right. For example, their view that Jesus was culturally conditioned by his first-century environment. Take the advice 'All you need say is 'Yes' if you mean yes, 'No' if you mean no' [...]