/September 2007 Articles

Virgin of Guadaloupe

Margaret Laird describes how a sixteenth-century vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe had a major impact on Mexico and beyond and looks at a poet who was inspired by this tradition The advertisements on the back page of New Directions [...]

II Those who mourn

Hugh Bates on the second of the Beatitudes and the nature of the Comforter's consolation 'Blessed are those who mourn they are to be comforted, ' consoled. It is the same word. Perhaps we should not think in the first [...]

Word’s word

A bishop [+Martyn Minns] in the United States has been revealed as the principal author of a seminal letter to the Church of Nigeria from its Archbishop, the Most Revd Peter Akinola,' began a Church Times article in August. The [...]


Peter Toon explains why the Lambeth Conference's pretensions to being a synod are the cause of its problems Let us begin with two simple definitions. A Conference is a meeting for formal discussion and exchange of opinions. It normally has [...]

Wisdom from the east

Ian Falconer examines the contents of the most recent Anglican-Orthodox Agreed Statement and in particular the views expressed concerning women bishops and reception Moscow 1976, Dublin 1984... Complete the sequence. No premium rate number to phone, but give yourself a [...]


In what looks like a rush to pre-empt the CofE, the Church in Wales has published a draft Bill to enable women to be ordained as bishops. It is a strange confection. It begins by claiming that it is 'now [...]