/September 2008 Articles

Price of meanness

Britain has a poor record in regard to its overseas territories. Compared with France or the Netherlands, it is mean and penny-pinching. St Helena, Pitcairn, Bermuda and Tristan da Cunha may be too far away from anywhere to consider other [...]

Those reflections

John Richardson takes a less than sanguine approach to the final Reflections that emerged from the Lambeth Conference Is there somewhere on earth where the Sunday afternoons are so interminably long that ones life would be more enhanced by reading [...]

Comfort one another

A Sister from Rempstone reflects on the spirituality of our present crisis and on how we can keep praying, stay joyful and always continue to give thanks Whenever there is division and disunity in the Church, there is pain, confusion [...]

Brighton Rock

Martin Lewes considers the nature of Anglican loyalty and tries to express why so many feel hurt at this time Along with its Blackpool counterpart, Brighton Rock has the name written all the way through, and I suspect that this [...]

How to be cheerful

Anthony Saville finds that time and reflection show the Synod vote not to be quite so irredeemably awful as it first seemed, that there may still be generosity in the Church of England and the basis for a structural solution [...]


To understand Mary is to understand the Christian faith. The consideration of the ARCIC report Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ at next months session of General Synod is, therefore, of real importance. For a representative body more used to [...]