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What is Gospel? Patrick Henry Reardon, senior editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Depending on the persons to whom it is addressed, the Christian Gospel is readily divided into three parts. This division is sequential, involving stages, and [...]


In a different light Francis Gardom Good lighting enables a stage play to succeed. A badly-lit stage will quickly lose its audiences attention. If we want the play to be entertaining then lighting is critical. At the Transfiguration God put [...]

Ghostly Counsel

The great work Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Fr Gilbert Shaw (Anglican spiritual guide) used to remark that 'patience is a great work'. Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and grows out of the [...]

Knuckles rapped

The letter [quoted on page 25] may have had more effect than cynics were expecting as Sr Gerd Swensson relates The letter from the Bishops Christopher Hill and John Hind has been widely read and commented on in Sweden. Traditionalists [...]

from elsewhere

America 1 Doctrine of Discovery 1 The Queen must apologize for the wrongs committed by Henry VII and repudiate the 'Christian Doctrine of Discovery,' the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church has declared. On 17 July, the triennial meeting [...]

Official teaching

The important central section of the CofE bishops' response to the recent Church of Sweden decision on gay marriage Set within the meticulous and studied politeness that ecumenical commitments demand, the letter of response cum complaint, sent by two leading [...]

Synods and parliaments

Mark Stevens has some further reflections for Abp Rowan When a small national church with a radically erastian polity - the Church of England - gave subconscious birth to a world-wide communion, there were obviously going to be major problems [...]

Common Tenure

Peter Mullen is not in two minds as he outlines the end to an ancient tradition of English parochial freedom Anew arrangement by which the clergy of the Church of England hold office will come into force by law at [...]

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