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First step to breakdown

John Shepley looks back at a fateful resolution from a newly formed Instrument of Unity of the Anglican Communion, way back in 1970, and the extraordinary damage that flowed from it Taken together, the establishment of the Anglican Church of [...]


What a gloomy time to be alive! We are living through the worst recession since the Thirties. There is a prospect of the Church of England turning its back on the last vestiges its Catholic dowry and disinheriting us. False [...]

Dressing down

It was a poor summer and Alan Edwards' holiday did not improve his grumpiness The news that an African Islamic court is ordering floggings for women wearing trousers caused much indignation. However, before flaying the ftoggers, ponder the aesthetic gain [...]

Living together

or how to keep a squabbling family together when the children refuse to follow the rules Ivan Aquilina has been reading Archbishop Rowan Williams' recent Reflections and offers his own reflections upon them On the 27 July 2009, the Archbishop [...]

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