Church Men in the Midlands was inaugurated in 1985 by the Midlands area of the then Church of England Men’s Society following the demise of the CEMS. It draws together Christian men across the country, and is open to members of any Christian church or fellowship. Its aims are as follows: 1 to unite Christian men in a common concern for the kingdom of God, and for the life of his church; 2 to enable members to deepen their spiritual lives through prayer, Bible reading and corporate worship; 3 to promote fellowship amongst Christian men, both within the society itself, and among all Christian people; 4 to bear witness to the reality of God’s grace at every level of human life: in the family, in human relationships, at work, in leisure, and in the structures of society; 5 to support Christian men in their service of the Church, the world, and of their fellow human beings, in the name of Christ the Servant of all. CMM is an informal network, not an elaborate organisation. Apart from linking men’s groups together across the region, it arranges two large gatherings each year: a study day that explores a theme or issue of current interest, and a family day at which wives and children share a day out together. A quiet weekend at Launde Abbey is arranged every other year. A newsletter is published three times a year. CMM is linked with the newly formed European Forum for Christian Men. There are signs that men are increasingly valuing the opportunity to explore issues of faith and life together. We should like to encourage parishes where there is already an active men’s group to develop this work further; and invite those where there is no group at present to consider whether this might meet a need. Very small groups can sometimes be the most effective and enjoyable. CMM welcomes individual members as well as group members, and may be able to assist individuals in linking up with a neighbouring group, or forming one themselves. Subscriptions are kept to a minimum to encourage membership, these being œ4.00 for an individual member for the two years 1995 and 1996 with discounts for groups of 6 members or more. Enquiries will be welcomed by our Honorary Secretary, Mr S. P. Francis, 25 Regina Crescent, Coventry, Warwickshire CV2 2LP (Tel: 01203 615767) who will be pleased to give further details.