Easter is about death leading to RESURRECTION. This statement is an absolute truth which defies the intellect. A man is crucified and dies, then he is raised to life again. This is beyond our intellectual and logical understanding. Yet Christ was crucified. He did die and He was raised to life again. In faith we have to accept the fact of RESURRECTION. In the wonder of new life is where our Easter meditations should begin. Easter should strengthen our faith and deepen our prayer life

Easter is also about RECOGNITION. The Gospel records the story of the two men on the road to Emmaus. Christ walked with them but they did not recognise him until they had invited him in and he broke bread with them. In Bangor Cathedral there is a reredos in one of the chapels. It depicts the road to Emmaus but the two men with Christ are Welsh miners.

At Easter Christ comes to us all whoever we are, Welsh miners, housewife, powerful executive or priest. He makes himself known to each one of us in the breaking of bread. Bread is an ordinary food but for many it is a simple, staple, life-sustaining food. Bringing that fact to the Eucharist we receive the Bread, the staple food, but with a grace, that of the great sacrament which Christ himself ordained. So our spiritual eyes are opened and we have our own RECOGNITION of God in Christ. Our prayer then can be to Him, “Come to us in this New Day and make Thyself known to us in the breaking of bread.” In other words let us know Christ in the ordinary experiences of each day.

Easter must also lead us to RECONCILIATION. It has often been said that you cannot have Easter Day without Good Friday. In Le Mans Cathedral there are some stained glass windows which depict the Way of the Cross and the Crucifixion of Christ. All the crosses are coloured green and, if the visitor asks, he or she is told that the Cross is a sign of life and not death. So, in His Crucifixion Christ gave us life which He proved in Resurrection, but He also gave us life in His Death because he brought about that RECONCILIATION which we, as sinners, need.

Reconciled in His Death and Resurrection may we, in prayer and worship Recognise Him who loves us. May we go out in His power to worship Him and to serve Him.

His Honour Judge Reg Lockett, is Honorary Recorder of Preston