forward! Launch just two weeks away!

Has your parish ordered forward! yet? With this issue of New Directions, you should have received a sample of the first issue of the new Forward in Faith Weekly Pew Sheet. As you will see it is designed to have parish notices and the like printed on its reverse, after which it should be folded vertically for ease of use by congregations. The sample you have has full details, including prices, on the reverse, as well as an order form. Printed each week in full colour, it will, with its sound and orthodox teaching, be an invaluable resource for traditionalist parishes everywhere. Orders are flowing in and already we can confidently predict that it will be every bit as successful as its older sibling, New Directions. So don’t delay! Ensure that our parish is one of the first to participate this wonderful and exciting new venture. e are tremendously grateful to all who have so far contributed to its contents, not least the Archbishop of York who appears in this first issue. Warmest thanks too to all who have been involved in its production. The commissioning, editing, type-setting and checking of no less than four pieces per issue, week in and week out, over sixty issues per year is no mean feat and those involved deserve the gratitude of traditionalists everywhere.

Time for Renewal

The launch of forward!, the production each month of New Directions, and all that Forward in Faith is able to do across our land for the maintenance of the faith which we have received would not of course be possible without the overwhelmingly generous support of our members. Enclosed with this issue of New Directions, all Forward in Faith members should have received a copy of our Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 1995; those whose subscriptions are now falling due will also have received a Renewal rm. We hope that all members will read .is Report most carefully and, where necessary, act upon the subscription renewal request as soon as possible and not put us to the expense and trouble of issuing further reminders. All members will wish to join with the Council in expressing our sincere thanks to Cyril Wood, our Honorary Treasurer, without whose patient guidance and good humour Forward in Faith would not be in the remarkable financial good health it currently enjoys.

News from Scotland

The Primus of The Scottish Episcopal Church, the Most Reverend Richard Holloway, is, we hear, a very busy man. Too busy, it seems, to find time to meet with traditionalists in Scotland to discuss the means whereby they “will continue for all time to come to have a valued and respected place within the Scottish Episcopal Church” to use the words of the Resolution passed by the General Synod of that Church in June 1994 a Resolution proposed by Bishop Holloway himself. (Perhaps the Primus might have more time for his own people if he spent less time travelling to other Provinces of the Anglican Communion in order to denounce the opponents of the ordination of women as “miserable buggers” and “the meanest minded sods you can imagine”, as he did recently from the pulpit of Bangor Cathedral.) It is against this background that Fr John Broadhurst, National Chairman of Forward in Faith, recently met with the Executive Committee of Arming Apostolic Order the organisation founded in the wake of the decision by the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church to permit the ordination of women to the priesthood. That meeting resolved to seek a closer relationship between Affirming Apostolic Order and Forward in Faith and the matter will be discussed at the formers Annual General Meeting in Glasgow on June 1 st. Members of Forward in Faith in England will want to assure their brothers and sisters in Scotland of their prayerful support as they debate this possibility next month.

We Praise Thee O God

Saturday, 15th June will see a Liturgical Study Day and Celebration for Evangelicals and Catholics and for all who are concerned with orthodox teaching and belief in the Church of England. Arranged by AAM (Bournemouth) and Forward in Faith (Winchester), it will take place at S.Katherine’s Church, Southbourne, Bournemouth. The day will commence at 10.00 am, when Fr Andrew Burnham, Vice-Principal and Lecturer in Liturgy at S.Stephen’s House, Oxford, will discuss under the title Whither Liturgy liturgical development since the Alternative

Service Book 1980, in the light of its imminent revision by the General Synod. As well as being a member of the New Directions Editorial Board, Fr Burnham has been a member of the General Synod since 1990, representing first the diocese of Southwell and, more recently, the diocese of Oxford.

At 12.00 noon, the Bishop of Richborough will be the Principal Celebrant at the Eucharist. (Priests wishing to concelebrate should please bring an alb and white stole.) A Butler Lunch will be provided at 12.45 pm, after which, at 2.00 pm, Bishop Edwin will address the gathering. ‘the Study Day will conclude at approximately 3.00 pm. Readers wanting further details should contact Fr Barry Fry on 01703 223107 (`phone & fax).

Conference for Readers

Following our piece in New Directions late last year, when we invited Licensed Readers to let the Director of Forward in Faith know if they would be interested in a Day Conference for those called to this important lay ministry, we have arranged a such an event for Saturday, 22nd June in London. The speakers w211 include Bishop Edwin Barnes, Archdeacon George Austin and Fr John Broadhurst. Full details are being sent to all those Licensed Readers who have already expressed an interest; any others who would like information should write to the Director at Faith House as soon as possible.

Chrism Masses

It is good to note that the ten Chrism Masses advertised before Holy Week and Easter by our Provincial Episcopal Visitors were so stunningly supported not just by priests and deacons of the constituency, but also by large numbers of lay men and women. We hear that the total attendance at the masses advertised in New Directions was almost 3,000 of whom some 600 were clergy a significant increase on 1995 and yet more evidence that, contrary to the received wisdom, we are in a period of sustained growth.

Chelmsford A G M

Forward in Faith Chelmsford hold their Annual General Meeting in the Shire Hall, Chelmsford at 8.00 pin on Thursday, 23rd May. The keynote speaker will be Fr John Broadhurst, National Chairman of Forward in Faith. Cheese and Wine will follow!

Don’t Forget . . .

Monday, 27th May 1996 (Spring Bank Holiday)

The National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham Concelebrated Mass in The Abbey Grounds at 1.00 pin Principal Celebrant and Preacher : The Archbishop of York

Wednesday, 29th May 1996

The Additional Curates Society London Festival at S.Augustine’s Church, Kilburn Park Road, London NW6 Solemn Eucharist at 12.00 noon Preacher : The Venerable Ernie Stroud Archdeacon of Colchester and Chairman of ACS followed by Buffet Lunch

Saturday, 29th June 1996

The Glastonbury Pilgrimage Solemn Eucharist at 12.00 noon Preacher : The Bishop of Ebbsfleet Procession and Solemn Evensong at 3.30 pm Preacher: Bishop Colin James