Fr John Broadhurst, National Chairman of Forward in Faith, was in Scandinavia last month, speaking at a meeting of the Samrad pa Kirkens Grunn in Bergen in Western Norway. He spent time as the guest of Fr Flemestad, the National Chairman, in Oslo and then flew to Visby, Sweden to meet up with Fr Geoffrey Kirk, the FiF Secretary for a meeting of the International Co-ordinating Committee, which includes representatives from like-minded organizations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Frs Broadhurst and Kirk were the guests in Sweden of Fr Ouve Lundin, the Dean of Visby, and assisted at the High Mass in the Cathedral on the Sunday of their visit.

An international gathering from the five countries is scheduled to precede the National Assembly of Forward in Faith in October. Delegates from Norway and Sweden will also attend the Assembly as observers.

It seems inevitable that the Porvoo Agreement, bringing about a mutual recognition of orders between the Anglican Churches of the British Isles and the Nordic Lutheran Churches, will be ratified by the General Synod this month. That fact renders co-operation between dissentient groups within the Porvoo area a priority for Forward in Faith.


Forward in Faith members from the Diocese of Southwell will be among those attending the October Devotion at The Shrine of Our Lady of Egmanton on Saturday, 14th October. The Preacher at the Solemn Mass at 12.00 noon will be the Bishop of Beverley and Sprinkling, Procession and Benediction will follow at 2.30 pm. Egmanton Parish Church was restored and beautified before the war by the notable church architect, Sir Ninian Comper and 1995 marks the sixty-fifth year of the pilgrimage. Those who have never visited this lovely place of pilgrimage should put this date in their diaries without delay! (Egmanton is situated just to the west of the A1 in Nottinghamshire, about fifteen miles north of Newark-on-Trent.)


Winchester Forward in Faith have a Rally fixed for Saturday, 22nd July at S. Francis’ Church, Charminster Road, Bournemouth. Mass will be at 12.00 noon and the keynote speaker for the day will be Fr John Broadhurst.


The long-awaited announcement of the appointment of the third Provincial Episcopal Visitor means that members of Forward in Faith have a marvellous excuse for an outing to London! Canon Edwin Barnes, presently Principal of S.Stephen’s House, Oxford, will be consecrated Bishop of Richborough by the Archbishop of Canterbury at 11.00 am on July 20th in Westminster Abbey. Whilst members will of course want to be mindful of the Forward in Faith Statement on Communion and Code of Practice, the important thing is that Fr Barnes should be supported by our presence. Let us ensure that the Abbey is filled to bursting point that morning, so that the Archbishop is left under no illusions about our strength and our feelings!


Elsewhere in this issue of New Directions, you can read about progress on our plans for a network of Regional Deans. Essential to the well-being of the scheme will be the realisation of our hope that Forward in Faith members in each of the sixteen regions will gather around their Dean and build up a real sense of regional identity. At present, though, the names given to the regions are less than inspiring! For example, the Dean of the region comprising the dioceses of Guildford, Portsmouth and Winchester will be the Regional Dean of Region No. 12! The likelihood of the faithful gathering around Dean 12 is, perhaps, remote!

So what we need are names. A region might be named after a geographical location, an event in history, or perhaps a saint – the field is open – but it must be something which identifies that region. The current “names” are listed below. So, all suggestions, in writing please, (with reasons where obscure or obtuse!) to Forward in Faith at Faith House. We’ll award a œ10 book token to the author of each suggestion finally adopted by the Council. If more than one person suggests a name finally adopted, we’ll draw lots! Please remember to include your name and address and please mark your envelope “Names”. Region 1 Carlisle, Durham, Newcastle Region 2 Blackburn, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Sodor & Man Region 3 Bradford, Ripon, York Region 4 Sheffield, Wakefield Region 5 Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Southwell Region 6 Birmingham, Coventry, Lichfield Region 7 Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester Region 8 Chelmsford, Norwich, St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Region 9 Ely, Peterborough, St Albans Region 10 Canterbury, Rochester Region 11 Chichester, Europe Region 12 Guildford, Portsmouth, Winchester Region 13 Bath & Wells, Bristol, Salisbury Region 14 Exeter, Truro Region 15 Oxford (no prizes here for suggesting the most obvious name!) Region 16 London, Southwark


Liberal theology is alive and well and living in Birmingham!! It especially “runs riot” in the Birmingham Diocesan Lay Foundation Course. In reaction to this, Forward in Faith in Birmingham and Chapter 14 (the Alternative Chapter) are running their own evening Summer School. It will be open to all clergy and lay people, but will particularly fulfil the need for structured training of Specialist Ministers (e.g.. Pastoral Assistants, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers etc.).

It will run for a week (Monday to Friday) and there will be two sessions each evening. There will be an option of 3 modules in the first session and 4 in the second. Each module will therefore consist of 5 sessions. Options in the first session will be from New Testament, the History of the Catholic Movement and the Seven Sacraments. In the second session, the options will be from Old Testament, Pastoral Care, the Gospel of S.John and Spirituality. In order to be accredited as a Special Minister, compulsory attendance will be required. (e.g.. Eucharistic Ministers will have to attend Pastoral care and Sacramental Theology.) On Saturday, 22nd July, a full day is being held for Altar Servers and Church Musicians.

The tutors are all local Forward in Faith clergy and Fr John Hervé‚, Vicar of S. Agatha’s, Sparkbrook is the Director.

Information for inclusion in the FiF Update should reach the Director at the FiF Office not later than the nineteenth day of the month preceding publication.