Forward in Faith is now registered with Give as You Earn, to receive payments through pre-tax Payroll Giving. Why not enquire of your employers to discover whether they are contracted in the scheme and are able to make deductions from your wages or salary, before deduction of tax, and pass them on to charities like Forward in Faith? Forward in Faith’s Give as You Earn registration number is 000356783. Our registration provides yet another method for our members to make tax effective donations to us and will hopefully meet a need amongst our constituency.


Gift Aid is of course the principle method our members are using to enable us to reclaim tax on their giving and declarations are still coming in. With over 1,600 received so far, worth an additional £19,000+ per annum, Forward in Faith’s financial prospects for the coming year have been transformed. But, as you will read on the Comment page elsewhere in this issue of New Directions, there are still significant numbers of tax-paying members who have yet to sign a declaration. We have enclosed a letter and form for each of them with this copy of New Directions and we hope that they will respond. If you have had a letter enclosed and believe that you have already signed a declaration and sent it to us, do please check with the office to make sure that we have received it. If in doubt, you can always send another one! If you haven’t received a letter, but pay UK tax, and believe that you haven’t signed a declaration – again, please do get in touch with us. Our aim is to secure a declaration from every member and supporter of Forward in Faith who make payments to us and who pays income tax in this country, apart from the small minority whose personal tax situation means that a declaration is not possible. Again, it helps to be told if a member falls in to that category, so that we can stop wasting both the member’s time and our time pursuing them!


Please send a C5 SAE, together with a note specifying which documents are required.

The Forward in Faith Statement on Communion & Code of Practice,

The Implications for the Church of England of the Ordination of Women as Bishops,

The Case for a Free Province of the Church of England

The Ministry of Women – a booklet providing access to some of the more important texts relevant to the Ministry of Women in the Church of England


The following are all available post-free from Faith House. Cheques payable to “Forward in Faith” with orders, please.

Postcards of the Icon of Christ our Future, 50 pence each, or 12 for £5.

The Forward in Faith Safe Church Guide, price £5, lists over 1,100 churches where members and supporters of Forward in Faith can worship with confidence

Canon Richard Price’s Guide for Lay People A Straight Course in a Changing Church, price £1.50.

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Forward in Faith Prayer Books (£2.50),

Forward in Faith Car Stickers (£1.50)

Forward in Faith Prayer Cards (10 pence).

Equal and Different by Michael Harper at the special price of £5 (publisher’s price £8.99).

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