That Time of Year AGAIN

All that Forward in Faith is able to do across our land for the maintenance of the faith which we have received would not of course be possible without the overwhelmingly generous support of our members. Enclosed with this issue of New Directions, all Forward in Faith members should have received a copy of our Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2000; those whose subscriptions are now falling due will also have received a Renewal Form. We hope that all members will read this Report most carefully and, where necessary, act upon the subscription renewal request as soon as possible and not put us to the expense and trouble of issuing further reminders. All members will wish to join with the Council in expressing again our grateful thanks to Cyril Wood, our Honorary Treasurer, and Messrs HLB Kidsons of Hove, our Auditors, for all their hard work in connection with our finances.

Gift Aid
Many thanks to all those who responded to our final push on Gift Aid declarations (at least, our final push in the last fiscal year!) Over 500 new declarations came in, worth an additional £5,000 a year in recoverable tax. With a total income from this source of what is now fast approaching £25,000 per annum, we will be able to face the future with a degree more optimism than might otherwise have been the case. But it’s still not too late.

Important Change in Advertising Policy
Owing to pressure on space in New Directions each month, the Editorial Board and Forward in Faith have decided, with regret, to terminate the free Newsbytes service with effect from the June issue.

In its place, there will be a new Classified Advertising section. The charge for an advertisement for one month only will be £15 for up to 50 words. The same advertisement for two months will cost £30, but for three months will attract no charge for the third month – i.e. £15 for 1 month, £30 for 2 months & £30 for 3 months. Series of advertisements in excess of three months will also be charged at £15 per month, with every third month free. Additional words will be charged at 50 pence each for one month, £1 each for two or three months and so on.

Like our display advertising, all classified advertisements will now be dealt with by our Advertising Manager, Mike Silver, who can be reached by ‘phone on 01634 401611, or by fax on 01634 311621.

Not the National Pilgrimage
Readers accustomed to going on Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham each year on the Spring Bank Holiday will have been saddened to hear of the cancellation of this year’s National Pilgrimage, owing to the Foot & Mouth outbreak. Regular pilgrims – at least, those in the south – will however be heartened by the advertisement in this month’s issue of New Directions regarding the Spiritual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham, which will take place that day at St Martin’s, Brighton. Fr Beau Brandie, complete with walkie-talkie, looks forward to welcoming vast crowds to the Lewes Road for a Solemn Mass at which the Bishop of Richborough will be the Principal Celebrant. Apart from the opportunity of honouring Our Lady, of praying for the relief of our rural communities and of perhaps taking a stroll later in the day through the Lanes (for the antiques) or along the Promenade (for the ozone), it will also be an opportunity of joining with Bishop Edwin Barnes as he celebrates the fortieth anniversary of his priestly ordination. St Martin’s, Brighton was one of the very first parishes to have an image of Our Lady of Walsingham placed in the church, following the revival of the pilgrimage by Fr Hope Patten-, the then Vicar of St Martin’s, Fr Colin Gill, went on, as many readers will recall, to become Master of the College of Guardians of the Shrine. It will therefore be a particularly appropriate place for us to gather in celebration. Please see the advertisement elsewhere in New Directions for full details.