FiF Director and Secretary in Australia

Stephen Parkinson, Forward in Faith ’s National Director, will be away from Faith House for seven weeks this summer – from Friday 15 June until Monday 6 August. He is visiting Australia, where he will be speaking at the Diocesan Conference of the Diocese of The Murray, at a series of meetings of Forward in Faith Australia Diocesan Branches and at the Forward in Faith Australia National Conference in Brisbane in late July. Following that, he will be taking the opportunity of observing the meeting of the Australian General Synod, as it meets to discuss the proposal to consecrate women to the episcopate in the Anglican Church of Australia. In between times, he hopes to take a short holiday as well! During his absence, his assistant, Colin Niblett, will be in charge at Faith House. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Stephen will be able to see and deal with any letters etc which need his attention during that period, but he will naturally be pleased to be spared all but the most urgent correspondence until his return to London.

He will be joined in Australia during July by Forward in Faith National Secretary Fr Geoffrey Kirk, who will be spending three weeks undertaking a similar programme, aimed at rallying Forward in Faith members down under in the run-up to the Australian General Synod.

Subscriptions are due!

Many thanks to all our members who have responded so promptly to last month ’s subscription reminder. It would be good if all those who have yet to respond did so without any further delay; each year, we have sent second reminders out to numbers of members in November and last year it was good to note that that particular print-run was the smallest ever! What would be even better would be for it to become totally unnecessary, but that state of affairs will only be reached when every single member responds to our May renewal form when first it appears!

Farewell to Newsbytes

Owing to pressure on space in New Directions each month, the Editorial Board and Forward in Faith have decided, with regret, to terminate the free Newsbytes service with effect from this issue. We cannot let the moment pass without thanking, and paying tribute to, Fr Francis Gardom, who has looked after that page for us for no less than 72 issues of New Directions . At a conservative estimate, that means he has processed something over 72, 000 words of free advertising over the past six years, which is no mean feat!

Welcome to Classified Ads

In place of Newsbytes, there is now a Classified Advertising section. The charge for an advertisement for one month only is just £15 for up to 50 words. The same advertisement for two months costs £30, but for three months attracts no charge for the third month –£15 for 1 month, £30 for 2 months &£30 for 3 months. Series of advertisements in excess of three months are also charged at £15 per month, with every third month free. Additional words are charged at 50 pence each for one month, £1 each for two or three months and so on.

Like our display advertising, all classified advertisements are dealt with by our Advertising Manager, Mike Silver, who can be reached by phone on (01634)401611, or by fax on (01634)311621.

A new look

Only the most unobservant reader will have failed to notice some changes in the appearance of New Directions in the midst of a makeover, following the appointment of a new typesetter. Again, this is a moment which cannot be allowed to pass without some note being made of the fact that the last 72 issues of New Directions have been typeset, entirely free of charge and in his spare time, by Fr Geoffrey Kirk. Over these six years, he and his computer have processed well over two million words of copy and he has quite understandably decided that the time is ripe for a change. We thank him warmly for all his hard work and look forward to reading all the additional material that he will now have time to write for us!


National Assembly

Letters are going out this month to all Registered Parishes and to all dioceses, asking for the names of their delegates to the Seventh National Assembly, to be held on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October, at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1. Registration Forms and the draft programme will then be going out to delegates and the more names we have in place when we do that, the easier that whole exercise will be. One large mailshot is much less time-consuming that thirty small ones, so the sooner those of you required to submit names do so, the easier Colin Niblett ’s task at Faith House will be!