A Memorable Day

St Alban’s Abbey was, as we predicted, packed to the doors on Saturday, 15 September, for our constituency’s farewell to the Bishop of Richborough. Bishop Edwin was joined by the Bishops of Fulham, Ebbsfleet, Horsham, Europe and St Helena, as well as Bishops John Richards and John Gaisford. Also present and sitting in choir was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Chief of Staff, Bishop Richard Llewellin. At least a hundred priests were present, most of whom concelebrated. Fr Andy Hawes, Chairman of Forward in Faith Lincoln, was the preacher and Fr Beau Brandie, Chairman of Forward in Faith Chichester, was ubiquitous! At the end of the Mass, Fr David Houlding made a presentation on behalf of the Society of the Holy Cross, after which Sara Low, Editor of New Directions, spoke on behalf of all Bishop Edwin’s and Jane’s friends and presented them a cheque, the size of which eloquently testified to the affection and regard in which they are held by all in this integrity.

National Assembly

The following are the resolutions to be considered by the Forward in Faith National Assembly, when it meets at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1 on Friday and Saturday, 12 & 13 October:


The Lincoln Administrative Council of Forward in Faith requests that, without prejudice to the present design, the Council of Forward in Faith produces a simple, direct logo which is suitable to be used by Forward in Faith Registered Parishes and members.

Proposed by the Lincoln Area Assembly


This Assembly expresses its wholehearted and unstinting support for the Reverend Samuel L Edwards, SSC, the lawful Rector of S. John’s Parish – Christ Church, Accokeek and S. John’s Chapel, Pomonkey – in the Diocese of Washington, in his present unhappy struggle occasioned by the ecclesiastical authority for the time being in that diocese, ‘Bishop’ Jane Dixon.

This Assembly was heartened to learn of the support given Fr Edwards by the Bishop of Fort Worth, the Right Reverend Jack L Iker, SSC, and encourages all orthodox bishops of the Anglican Communion to express support for Bishop Iker in his courageous stand for gospel truth and godly order.

Proposed by the Council of Forward in Faith


This Assembly is convinced that the Forward in Faith Statement on Communion, together with its Preamble and associated Code of Practice, will no longer be capable of articulating the position of the members of Forward in Faith, if, at some future time, a decision to proceed to the ordination of women as bishops is taken by the General Synod of the Church of England.

Accordingly, this Assembly warmly welcomes the proposal by the Council of Forward in Faith that the documents in question be substantially revised in order to take account of women ordained as bishops, such revision to be subject to a process of widespread regional consultation with the membership of Forward in Faith.

This Assembly requests the Council to consider whether it might be possible for this process to be completed in time for the delegates to the National Assembly 2002 to be given the opportunity of debating and, if thought appropriate, giving approval to a revised Statement on Communion, Preamble and Code of Practice designed to come into effect on such date as a woman is ordained to, or appointed to, the office of bishop in either Province of the Church of England.

Proposed by the Council of Forward in Faith


This Assembly requests the Council of Forward in Faith carefully to monitor the steps taken elsewhere within the traditionalist integrity to respond to current proposals before the Church of England with regard to the re-marriage in church of divorced persons and to take such action as it might judge necessary in the light of such responses.

Proposed by the Reverend David Houlding

Seconded by the Reverend Ronald Crane


This Assembly requests the Council of Forward in Faith to monitor the progress of the formal discussions with the Methodist Church and to report to the National Assembly subsequently, especially on issues concerning communion and the interchangeability and recognition of ministers.

Proposed by Mr Michael Hicks

Seconded by the Reverend Dr Jeremy Sheehy


This Assembly welcomes ‘Working with the Spirit: Choosing Diocesan Bishops’ (the Perry Report) and encourages General Synod to implement fully its proposed reforms as a matter of urgency.

Proposed by the Reverend Robbie Low

Seconded by the Reverend Dr Geoffrey Kirk


This Assembly expresses concern at the use of the Pastoral Measure where there are not clear intentions to pastorally reorganise. It believes that there should be clear criteria for suspension of the benefice. The Assembly hopes that the revision of the Measure will restore to Patrons, PCCs and Churchwardens many of the rights that are often illegally removed from them.

Proposed by the Council of Forward in Faith

All members of Forward in Faith are very welcome indeed to attend the National Assembly as observers; it is one of the highlights of the year for those who are present, whether as delegates, organisers or spectators and it provides a wonderful opportunity to catch up on old friends! Details from the Forward in Faith Office on (020) 7976 0727.