An important date for your Diary

Forward in Faith in the Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester have arranged a Mass of St Francis, to take place at 1.00 pm on Saturday, 4th October 2003 in Canterbury Cathedral. The Bishop of Richborough will preside and we hope that all Forward in Faith members in the South-East will make the effort to be there. Further details can be had from Harold Holwell at or on 020 7480 6925 or 01622 726478.

Women Bishops and a Free Province

Teaching Days with Fr Geoffrey Kirk

Saturday 6th September 2003

at 10.30 am in S James, Oldham

Further information: Fr Paul Plumpton, 0161

633 4441 or 0161 624 1534

Saturday 8th November 2003

at 10.30 am in The Ascension, Crownhill, Plymouth

Further information: Fr Paul Hancock,

01752 783617

Saturday 13th September 2003

at 10.30 am in Central Methodist Church, St Saviour Gate, York

Further information: Barry Taylor,

01904 679822

Saturday 15th November 2003

at 10.30 am in All Saints, Clifton

Further information: Chris Verity,

01275 462927

Saturday 27th September 2003

at 10.00 am in Christ the King, Gordon Sq.

Further information: Father Malcolm Gray,

020 8360 2947

Saturday 22nd November 2003

at 10.30 am in S Mary Magdalene, Millfield, Sunderland

Further information: Fr Beresford Skelton,

0191 565 6318

Saturday 4th October
at 12 noon in SS Philip & James, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham

Further information: Fr Martin Wray

01242 236 979

Saturday 6th December 2003

at 10.00 am in S Michael, Cross Heath, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Further information: Fr Neil Jamison-Harvey,

01782 617241

Saturday 11th October 2003

at 11.00 am in Emmanuel, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield

Further information: Fr Ronald Crane,

0121 373 8348

Saturday 7th February 2004

at 10.00 am in Yarborough School, Lincoln

Further information: Fr Andy Hawes,

01778 591358

Saturday 25th October 2003

at 10.30 am in Staveley Church Community Centre, Church Street, Staveley, Chesterfield

Further information: Fr William Butt,

01246 472270

Saturday 28th February 2004

at 10.30 am in S Thomas, Longford,Coventry

Further information: Fr Gary Buckby,

024 7636 4078

Saturday 1st November 2003

at 10.00 am in S Catherine, Burnley

Further information: Fr Roger Parker,

07977 291166

Saturday 6th March 2004

at 10.30 am in S Margaret, Leytonstone, London E11

Further information: Mrs Angela Banwell,

020 8989 2668

National Assembly

Letters have as usual gone out to all Registered Parishes and to all Dioceses, asking for the names of their delegates to the Tenth National Assembly, to be held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th October, at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1. Registration Forms and the draft programme are going out to delegates as soon as the names are received at Gordon Square, so if you expect to be a delegate but haven’t yet heard from us, have a word in the necessary quarter to ensure that your name is submitted to us as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing friends old and new at the Assembly: Fr David Moyer, Rector of Good Shepherd, Rosemont, in Philadelphia, and President of Forward in Faith North America plans to be with us; the Bishop of Whitby, the Right Reverend Robert Ladds, will be giving our Devotional Address on the Friday evening; and we will be welcoming for the fi rst time as full delegates our brothers and sisters from Forward in Faith Wales – Credo Cymru. Of course, representatives from Wales have been with us every year, but, following the recent decision of Credo Cymru to become FiF Wales, they will, at long last, not have to sit on their hands when we take a vote!

The National Assembly Solemn Eucharist will take place in the Church of Christ the King, Gordon Square at 9.30 am on Saturday, 18 October – the Feast of S.Luke. The Principal Celebrant will be the Bishop of Fulham and the preacher will Fr David Herbert, Vicar of S. George, Bickley and Forward in Faith Regional Dean for Kent.

All members of Forward in Faith are warmly invited to attend the Eucharist on the Saturday, as well of course as the Assembly itself.