Message from Our Lord through Vassula Rydén

Vassula Ryden is a Greek Orthodox laywoman who has been receiving messages from God for almost twenty years. On Page 6 of this issue Fr Peter of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God introduces us to Vassula’s life and work. Here, with help of a Sister from Rempstone, we publish some of Vassula’s writings.


(Vol 1, October 5 I988, excerpts)

‘Since the beginning of times, whenever my children fell into rebellion, I, the Lord, descended through very weak instruments to give them my warning and bring them back to me … I descended like a hammer to break the rods – breaking the hard crust which covers my creation’s heart … My Vassula, through my whole message of peace and love, I call, I call and cry out with great agony to you all to return to me and repent … I search for love but I find hatred; I need to be consoled but I find none; I thirst for compassion but I find only mockery. I find no love, I find no hope, no faith among this generation because they have stopped adoring me … This generation has created a New Sodom and Gomorrah among themselves … I want all those who love me to pray, pray, pray for this rebellion to come to its end … I bless all those who scatter my grains of peace and love – trust me all the way to the end. I also ask you solemnly to pray for my holy spirit of understanding to enlighten you all … I promise you that love will return as love and live among you all … My return is not for now. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, will restore all that has been damaged and is to be damaged still. Do not forget the great tribulation that my Church will undergo before I renew her entirely …’


(Vol 1, December 3 1988, excerpts)

Believe in my mercy, whilst never forgetting that I am also a God of justice. My purification, which I will send down, will be out of love; do not misunderstand or misinterpret this by calling it menaces from God; I am not menacing you – I am warning you out of love … I come to wake you up because many of you are in deep sleep. I am coming to you all, out of my boundless mercy, to revive the dead. I come to ask you, out of my infinite love I have for all of you, to repent and change your lives and be holy. Live in holiness, for I am holy. I give you my peace so that you are in peace, and that you may give this peace to your brethren.’


(Vol 1, December 20 1988, excerpts)

‘… pray my child for my Church to unite and be one –– every priest has to understand that I, the Lord, desire this unity. Any division does not come from me – it comes from my adversary … My kingdom should be one and holy … Unity shall come from above. For now, as it is, you are divided altogether and do not live according to my divine image; you are not obeying my law. Your division is contaminating and is spreading; your division will always remain unless I put an end to it … How could you believe you can unite when love is missing among you? Many of you are inflexible and stiff like iron rods! But I shall bend you all – I will unite you! I shall turn this wilderness into a lake and the dry ground into a water-spring. My kingdom shall come.’



(Vol 1, Message for the Prayer Group, written for Feb 17 1989)

‘… How my sacred heart desires that you learn to love me … then, only then, my wounds will begin to heal. How I desire that my priests draw from my infinite love, to fill up their heart! My love for them is great – so great that not until they are in heaven, will they be able to understand its fullness. Devotion should be their banner; fidelity their torch; purity their festal gown; and love their emblem, so that my lambs may recognise me in them and see clearly my image. My shepherds, I want them pure, so that in their pureness their fruit will be whole.’


(Vol 1, for Feb l7 1989)

‘I wish you to pray for unity, the unity of my Body. I wish you to pray for the Pope and the Patriarch. I wish you to pray for all the priests – pray that the sheep who are not under the guidance of Peter, return to Peter and be reconciled; pray that there be one fold under one shepherd; pray for peace, unity and a greater love among you; pray that you may praise me around one tabernacle. Unite, beloved ones, and be one – just as the Father and I are one and the same. I bless you all.’

Compiled by a Sister from Holy Cross Convent, Rempstone