Lost Property (1)

Please be advised that a batch of mail to the London WC1 area due for delivery on 27th April 2005, including that for Forward in Faith and all other addressees at The Cloisters went ‘missing’.

If you sent in a payment to Forward in Faith or New Directions around that time, please check your bank statement to see if your cheque has cleared. All payments received over this period for all our accounts were banked by 6th May 2005. You may need to contact your bank for advice and if necessary cancel any cheque sent to us that has not yet cleared and issue a replacement (especially if your cheques are not crossed “A/C Payee only”). Similarly, if you wrote to us and your letter may have been amongst those lost, you should write to us again – if you want or need a reply!

Lost Property (2)

There is still a Forward in Faith priest out there who is finding his New Directions difficult to read! He left his spectacles in Holy Trinity, Prince Consort Road on the day of the great Stand up for Jesus celebration! We’d be delighted to reunite priest and glasses, if he gives the FiF Office a call on 020 7388 3588.

Exploring the Religious Life . . .

. . . is a Vocations Conference for women and men taking place at St Edward’s House, Westminster over the weekend of 23rd/25th September under the auspices of RooT. The final date for applications is 15th August and those interested should contact Fr Peter Huckle SSJE on 020 7222 9234 or by e-mail to superior@ssje.org

Still that time of year!

Many thanks to all members who acted so promptly with regard to the subscription renewal enclosed in last month’s New Directions. Each year, we ask members to save Forward in Faith money by paying your subscription now, rather than leaving it for so long that we have to incur further costs in sending you a reminder, and each year we send out yet further reminders! As we move into top gear in our struggle for adequate provision for those faithful members of the Church of England who are in conscience unable to receive the ordination of women as bishops or priests, we need every penny we can lay our hands on. Please do you bit in that struggle by paying what is due – and perhaps a little more! – as soon as you are able.

National Assembly

The 12th Forward in Faith National Assembly will take place at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1 on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October 2005. Book the date in your diary now!