New Ways of Being Church

As Fr Brandie explained in March, the College of Regional Deans has set up a series of working parties, charged with the task of examining how we should be church – both at the present time and in the future, when women are appointed to the Episcopate and an ecclesial solution has been found for those of us who will in conscience be able to receive their ministry.

There are twelve working parties, grouped together under four main subject headings. Each of these four groups is under the oversight of a Regional Dean, and each working party has a chairman / convenor.

Forward in Faith members who wish to offer any ideas or submissions on any of the areas covered may do so direct to the person leading the working party, or to the Dean overseeing it, or to the Forward in Faith office at 2A the Cloisters, Gordon Square, London WC1H OAG or by email to (particularly useful for points which may cover more than one area).

Delegate Conference

Last month, we gave news of the planned Delegate Conference to take place in London on 16 May. Invitations went out before Easter to Clerical and Lay Chairmen of FiF Area Assemblies, the College of Regional Deans and the FiF Council. Please hold these delegates in your prayers as they gather together later this month to discuss the future of Forward in Faith.

The Latest News

The Working Parties


Fr Tony Delves

Lay Formation Formation for Holy Orders Forming Vocations

Fr Andrew Hawes Fr William Davage The Revd Ann Turner

william. davage@stx. ox.


Fr Sam Philpott




Bishop Edwin Barnes Fr Simon Ellis Mr Cyril Wood cc. wo o d@btopenworld. com


Fr Geoffrey Neal

Schools Youth Work Children’s Work

Fr Daniel Humphreys

Fr Mike Bartlett

Fr Christopher Kinch Christopher kinch@b tint ernet. com


Fr Ross Northing

Evangelisation & Mission



Fr Philip North Fr Simon Heans Fr Giles Pinnock

The FiF College of Deans

Anglia Regional Dean

Fr Alan Cross SSC:

Chichester Regional Dean

Fr Beau Brandie SSC:
01273 604687

Derby Regional Dean

Fr William Butt:

East Wessex Regional Dean

Fr Barry Fry SSC:
0238022 3107

Kent Regional Dean

Fr David Herbert SSC:

Lichfield Regional Dean

Fr Allan Buik SSC:
01782 838288

London Regional Dean

Fr Malcolm Gray SSC:

Mercia Regional Dean

Fr Ronald Crane SSC:

Northern Yorkshire Regional Dean

Fr Gareth Jones:
01765 601745

Northumbria Regional Dean

Fr Beresford Skelton ssc:
0191565 6318

Norwich Regional Dean

Fr Peter Keeling SSC:

North Wales Regional Dean

Fr Robert Rowland SSC:
01745 570750

Oxford Regional Dean

Fr Ross Northing SSC:

Scotland Regional Dean

Fr Len Black SSC:
01463 233797

South Wales Regional Dean

Fr Hadyn England-Simon SSC:
01443 433651

South Yorkshire & Notts Regional Dean

Fr Tony Delves SSC:

Southwark Regional Dean

Fr Andrew Stevens SSC: 02088540461

Tamar Regional Dean

Fr Sam Philpott SSC: 01752 222007

The Marches Regional Dean

Fr John Pitchford SSC: 01684575893

The North West Regional Dean


The Ouse Regional Dean

Fr Geoffrey Neal: 01234720938

Trent Regional Dean

Fr Reginald Stretton:

Sub Dean Fr Paul Noble SSC:
01205 362734

West Wales Regional Dean

Fr Philip WynDavies SSC:

West Wessex Regional Dean

Fr Peter Clarke SSC:
01935 850408