Christmas is coming…

‘Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat . . .’ Stuck for a present for that special churchy friend? 30Days is happy to come to the rescue with its pick of the very finest gifts available online at a computer near you:

Ancient & Modern

Fed up with the music in your church? The answer has been around for ages, of course: simply switch on your iPod and listen to. something more uplifting (Charpentier is very suitable at this ^ time of year). The problem is that fellow members of the congregation can tend to give you a hard time! Not any more! Simply slip your iPod into this fetching Hymn Book Cover and no one will ever know! Just £15 from if you want to start off with a present for the most important person in your life!

Stuck on you

Brighten up the life of someone you love, to say nothing of their fridge, with one of these tasteful fridge magnets from At just $13.99 for a set of six, you can tell half a dozen of your nearest and dearest just how much you value them for just $2.33 each!

Panting heart

Now, what about the Papalist in your Parish? Is the Vicar always telling you how much greener the grass is in the panting heart of Rome? Do you have one of those irritating young men in your congregation who bows every time he hears the name Benedict?. What they need is this classy polyresin Pope Benedict XVI bobble-head (sic). According to, it will sit on a desk or suchlike and ‘exude a placid papal aura’. Well, it would have a fairly placid aura, wouldn’t it, seeing as how its a seven inch high plastic doll! Yours for $12.95.

Living Doll

Talking of dolls, why not plump for this exquisite Immaculate Heart of Mary from www. ewtnreligiouscatalogue. com? Approximately 18 inches tall, the head and hands \ are made of a highly flexible urethane rubber that maintains a ‘skin like feel’ and the cloth body to which they are attached is filled with a soft poly-fill stuffing. She is virtually unbreakable (like to bet?) and, apparently, ideal for children or adults. She comes in at a pricey $98 but, as a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ is included, it’ll be worth every last cent!

Mastering the time

Still at www.ewtn religiouscatalogue. com, there’s the ideal gift for the Prebendary who’s always late for that oh so important P meeting. Gold-plated with a stainless steel back, this fabulous Sacred Heart watch has (wait for it!) a genuine leather band. A snip at just S40.

Sales flop?

By now, 30 Days’ evangelical readers may be feeling left out, so how about one of these delightful soft leather bible cases? It will ‘protect your bible against scuffs and stains and provide convenient storage and transportation of all your worshiping aids’ (whatever they maybe!) and is available at www.coopersofstort for a very tasteful £14.99 but, if we’re honest, we don’t see there being much call for the pink number from our friends in Reforml

Children’s corner

When all is said and done, Christmas is really a time for the children, isn’t it? So take the opportunity of increasing their grasp of Trinitarian theology with this lego Holy Trinity featuring bur savior (sic) Jesus, almighty God, and a glow-in-the-dark Holy Ghost’. (Presumably the reason the Father and the Son look so grumpy is that they don t glow in the dark.) A bargain at S30 from www. – your kids simply won’t know how to thank you enough!

Bah, fudge!

Finally, for all those sweets that you’ll need to keep your strength up between meals, go to where, as you enjoy the literary allusion, you can fill up with your favourite confections of yesteryear. Ideal last minute presents, of course – 30Days has just ordered a job lot of fudge for all its favourite bishops. And a very happy Christmas to one and all.

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