Julian Mann is sceptical about the poten tial impact of the impending Global Anglican Future Conference, and suggests that Lambeth provides a better opportunity for proclaiming a strong message

For western evangelicals and for those from parts of the Anglican Communion where orthodoxy is in the ascendant, such as Sydney, the question needs to be put: will GAFCON prove to be anything more than a holy huddle in the Holy Land?

Holy-huddle-ism is unfortunately a modern evangelical disease. Evangelicals gather in large churches, usually in wealthier areas, often commuting out of their communities to get there, in many cases on their way driving past several smaller and struggling churches that they could help to turn around. In this, sadly, we evangelicals take our cue from our leaders.


It was not always so, as Reform Trustee Jonathan Fletcher has shown in his masterly booklet, recently published: Back to the Future: Reforming the Church of England – Learning from the Past