If you pay your subscription to Forward in faith by any other method than Bankers Order, you naturally run the risk of overlooking your payment one year and not realizing that you have done so until your New Directions mysteriously stops arriving!

Those who have not yet paid their subscription for 2008 will already have received a reminder in the post. If they ignore this reminder, this will be the last New Directions they see until they put their house in order! So please save us the trouble of not sending you the first New Directions of 2009 and make sure that you’re in touch with us by no later than Monday, 15th December!

Office Closure

The Forward in Faith Office will be closed from 12.00 noon on Friday, 19th December until 9.00am on Monday, 5th January, whilst our staff enjoy a well-deserved break for Christmas and the New Year.

Talking of which…

A very happy Christmas indeed to all the members of Forward in Faith and warmest thanks to the hundreds of you who are kind enough to send Christmas Cards to our offices; they really are appreciated!

A very Happy Christmas to all members of Forward in Faith from the Chairman, Council, Regional Deans and Staff

National Assemblies, 2009

Next year, there maybe two Assemblies! We will all gather again at the Emmanuel Centre on Friday, 23rd and Saturday, 24th October but, in addition, we have also booked the Emmanuel Centre for a possible emergency Assembly.

If this Assembly happens it will be on Saturday, 14th February, immediately following the February sessions of General Synod, so that, if necessary, we can react with alacrity to anything that meeting of the Synod throws at us. All October 2008 delegates should keep that date free in their diaries.

The FiF College of Deans

Anglia Regional Dean
Fr Alan Cross SSC: 020 8504 4687

Chichester Regional Dean
Fr Beau Brandie SSC: 01273 604687

Derby Regional Dean
Fr William Butt: 01246 472270

East Wessex Regional Dean
Fr Barry Fry SSC: 023 8022 3107

Kent Regional Dean
Fr David Herbert SSC: 020 8467 3809

Lichfield Regional Dean

London Regional Dean
Fr Malcolm Gray SSC: 020 8950 7860

Mercia Regional Dean
Fr Ronald Crane SSC: 0121 373 8348

Northern Yorkshire Regional Dean
Fr Gareth Jones: 01765 601745

Northumbria Regional Dean
Fr Beresford Skelton SSC: 0191 565 6318

Norwich Regional Dean
Fr Peter Keeling SSC: 01328 820310

North Wales Regional Dean
Fr Robert Rowland SSC: 01745 570750

Oxford Regional Dean
Fr Ross Northing SSC: 01908 562148

Scotland Regional Dean
Fr Len Black SSC: 01463 233797

South Wales Regional Dean
Fr Hadyn England-Simon SSC: 01443 433651

South Yorkshire & Notts Regional Dean
Fr Tony Delves SSC: 01709 898426

Southwark Regional Dean
Fr Andrew Stevens SSC: 020 8854 0461

Tamar Regional Dean
Fr Sam Philpott SSC: 01752 222007

The Marches Regional Dean
Fr John Pitchford SSC: 01684 575893

The North West Regional Dean
Fr Alan Cooke: 0161 624 2005

The Ouse Regional Dean
Fr Geoffrey Neal: 01234 720938

Trent Regional Dean
Fr Reginald Stretton: 01509 412935

Sub Dean Fr Paul Noble SSC: 01205 362734

West Wales Regional Dean
Fr Philip Wyn Davies SSC: 01974 299010

West Wessex Regional Dean
Fr Peter Clarke SSC: 01935 850408