Women Bishops

Please hold in your prayers the General Synod of the Church of England, as it meets at the beginning of next month – particularly during the morning of Wednesday, 11th February, when it gives First Consideration to the Women Bishops Legislation.

The draft Measure and the accompanying Code of Practice (which will not do) should be available online by the time you receive this issue of New Directions.

Go to http://cofe.anglican. org/about/gensynod/agendas/ feb09 and (hopefully!) follow the appropriate links.

Read it all, and read it carefully and then tell your representatives in General Synod why it will not do.

It is anticipated that members of the Catholic Group in General Synod (those who really represent us!) will be staying in London after the Synod concludes

National Assembly



Forward in Faith Additional National Assembly

at the Emmanuel Centre
Marsham Street, London SWl
on Saturday 14th February

All delegates to the October 2008 Assembly will receive full details this month

As we announced in November, there will be an additional National Assembly at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London SWl on Saturday, 14th February. All delegates to the October, 2008 Assembly will, by definition, be delegates to this Assembly as well and we will be writing to you this month will be staying in London after the Synod concludes the previous day, in order both to tell us their plans for the next stage in this ongoing saga and to hear the hopes and fears of those whose interests they have at heart.

FiF Website

Full details of, comment on, and explanation of the draft legislation will appear on the Forward in Faith Website at various intervals from the date of publication through to the National Assembly.

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