Be Faithful

Westminster Central Hall Monday 6th July 09:30– 17:30

[Updated 14/05/2009]

Doors open 09:30
Hall open 10:00
Worship 10:15

Formal Proceedings begin
at 10:30

Confessing Anglicans in Global and Local Mission

Westminster Central Hall Monday 6th July 09:30–5.30

Fr Francis Gardom writes:

Be Faithful is an event being promoted by Anglican Mainstream as the sequel to the Jerusalem GAFCON conference where Global Anglicans, including Evangelicals, Catholics and other traditions, met in 2008 with more than 200 Bishops to confer about the current problems which are besetting faithful Anglicans worldwide.

Be Faithful will also provide the launch-pad for the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans which will take up the baton from GAFCON.

Forward in Faith have been active participants from the beginning. Canon Beau Brandie and Fr Francis Gardom are on the Planning and Steering Committees respectively. The Anglican Association is also providing substantial financial support.

General Synod will be meeting around then. So we intend that Be Faithful should be a cogent reminder to its members of those whose interests they have been elected to serve.

Forward in Faith’s Chairman, Bishop John Broadhurst, and the President of Forward in Faith North America, Bishop Keith Ackerman, will be on the platform and Forward in Faith urges its members to provide a substantial presence on the day. Fr Brandie has been asked to oversee the practical arrangements, and his contributions and expertise have already been much appreciated by Mainstream.

The active and willing participation of Anglicans of different traditions in such a major event as this is something of a ‘First’. Lets make its numbers speak! As co-belligerents we comprise far more than the ‘tiny minority’ which we are portrayed as being.

Tickets are now available at £15 each and can be purchased either online at:

www.anglican-mainstream. net/?page_id=9235

(scroll to the foot of the page and click on ‘BUY NOW) or by post from:

Anglican Mainstream
21 High Street
OX29 4HE

enclosing a cheque payable to Anglican Mainstream for £15 per ticket. |


Tickets are NOT available from Forward in Faith – please do not telephone the Forward in Faith Office, as all we shall be able to do is read out the above instructions to you over the ‘phone!