Letter from the Chairman

T5he Bishop of Fulham has just written to all the members of Forward in Faith. You will find a copy of his letter both in Forward plus and at


National Assembly

When we all met at Central Hall, Westminster for the first Forward in Faith National Assembly way back in September 1994, our detractors were all quite certain that Forward in Faith was but a very temporary organisation.

How delighted they will all be, then, to know that we will gather at the KMWA Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1 on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 October for the seventeenth National Assembly!

(Readers who might think our arithmetic has gone astray will wish to note that this will be the second Assembly this year!)


Forward in Faith Branches and parishes should by now have begun to let us know the names of all their delegates. Needless to say, not all of them have! Please give this your attention immediately, so as to ease the burden on our hard-pressed staff.

Christ the King

We are delighted to announce that this year we are able to return home for the National Assembly Mass; we will gather at Christ the King, Gordon Square for the first time since 2006.

S.AIban’s, Holborn

Our thanks again to Fr Howard Levett ssc and the people of S.Albans, Holborn for their hospitality for the last two years, whilst the Trustees of the Catholic Apostolic Church have been improving Christ the King in order to comply with the Fire Officers requirements.

Key Date

The Forward in Faith National Assembly remains the key date in our annual calendar, even though everything is at present rather quiet as the General Synod awaits the outcome of the deliberations of the Revision Committee. But, given the present situation, it is more than ever essential that the Synod and the entire House of Bishops understand just how very focussed we are on the enormous task which faces us, as they prepare for women bishops.

Over to you

And the best way for us to get that message across is by ensuring that this National Assembly is the best-attended ever. Over to you!