The mask of this world A monk of Mount Athos

You… suffer for those things that are thought to be good, positive and creative… for the work of the people… called ‘labour’. In fact it is slavery, since even when at first sight it is not shameful and illegal, it disorientates man from his main objective. Because it is rendered an end in itself, cut off from the vital content it ought to have, a service of love that should unify us with God and our fellow men.

You suffer for the emptiness of thinking of many intellectuals who consolidate man’s stay here on earth (on the ground) with their foolish scepticism, shutting in this way the last windows to Heaven.

You suffer for politics and its supporters where lies and dishonesty are openly camouflaged and prevail over deceivers and deceived. Where people, but for rare laudable exceptions, without moral and spiritual reputation, are applauded and declared to be ‘saviours of people’.

You suffer for rulers who rule not according to the written word, ‘I will give you shepherds after my own heart’ [Jer. 3.15], which means rulers by the wish of God. You feel pain for them because they are rulers without interest and concern for the will of the Lord Almighty. For this reason, too, they are not God’s chosen, not the Lord’s anointed.

They act only in conformity with the opposing to God as well as transgressing desires and egoistic policies of their own subjects. -They are such that the words of the prophet befit them perfectly: ‘For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are stupid children, and they have none understanding; they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge’ [Jer. 4.22].

You suffer for the nation’s educational system which is without God and thus without much meaning and future. -ere are schools in which the atheist and useless teachers are rapidly increasing in number. By their bad example, these teachers educate the youth to be idle, vain, self-loving and indifferent to public matters…

You suffer for the legitimate and illegitimate information that controls everything. You grieve for the barrage of news, advertisements and the many other damaging programmes from the so-called ‘mass media’.

All these greatly contribute to the unreasonable ‘variety’ in the meaningless and uninteresting life of the people-masses and they are content just to arouse man’s curious hearing and his interest for scandals and everything vain, eccentric and mostly sensual.

You suffer for the void expressions and soul corrupting spectacles to people’s senses that ruin their souls and render them passive receivers… without the slightest ability for a healthy reaction to whatever harmful they hear and see.

You suffer for the way the earth’s rulers… and their devilish plans… men of authority controlling like puppets their obedient, irresolute subjects… destroying anything beautiful if it is left, in the souls of people. ND