‘An elephant in the crib’ p. 25. It was before Christmas 2008 that we received the short piece on rural cribs, a matter of days too late for inclusion in the January issue.

It seemed too charming to throw away, and so on a rare quiet day, in February, it was duly scanned and stored. No name attached. Who wrote it was by then an unsearchable mystery. It was compiled on an ancient typewriter; more than that I cannot remember.

Unsolicited manuscripts are always welcome, but if you want us to know who you are, it helps to write a name on the article itself, not just in the accompanying letter, which will vanish under the proverbial pile of papers.

Prebendary John Pearce was 33 years in East London in Hackney and Limehouse. Past Chairman of Church Society and Latimer House, he is also a past member of General Synod.

Cover photo A back road in the Highlands of Scotland on a winter evening (© Robert Macneil). ND