Rachael Maskell is the National Officer of the trade union Unite, with responsibility for the Not for Profit Sector, which incorporates the Faith Workers Branch. She has worked for Unite for 13 years, being particularly recognized for her work on Dignity at Work, addressing bullying in the workplace. She will be the keynote speaker at the International Workplace Bullying Conference later this year, and is Vice Chair of the Christian Socialist Movement.

Tom Sutcliffe is the author of the Faber Book of Opera and Believing in Opera.

Simon Cotton co-authored the 4th edition Shell Guide to Norfolk, but as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of medieval churches, he is a chemist, and has also co-authored The Heavy Transition Elements and the wonderfully titled Organometallic Compounds of the Lanthanides, Actinides and Early Transition Metals; after which he wrote three more books on his own, Lanthanides and Actinides, Chemistry of Precious Metals and Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry. In 2005 he won the Royal Society of Chemistry Schools Education Award.

Simon Ellis (below) became Vicar of St Laurence, Long Eaton in 2001. Married, with two children, he was ordained in 1997, after a time teaching science.

Cover photo Members of the entirely orthodox Diocese of Ho in a photograph taken by the Bishop of Richborough on a visit to Ghana a few years ago (© Bishop Keith). ND