Reminiscences wanted!

In an exciting new initiative, LAST CHRONICLE is proposing to compile a slender volume to mark the retirement of one of the Church of England’s best loved bishops.

We propose, in words and pictures to celebrate an episcopate distinguished in many and varied ways. And so we are appealing to readers who may have been involved in (or bystanders of) the events of Tom’s career.

So if you knew Tom during his time in Leicester (How did the man who, on his appointment there, claimed to be agnostic about women’s ordination become its most belligerent advocate? How did the queer-basher of former times reinvent himself as the champion of Jeffrey John?) be in touch.

If you were involved in the Southwark appointments process in any way (How did someone whose name was never mentioned in the Vacancy in See Committee get the job? And how come that Rowan Williams didn’t?) drop us a line.

If you worked in Southwark Pastoral Care and Counselling and know how it came about that Tom was berated by his Care and Counselling Supremo, on the BBC Sunday programme for his uncaring attitude, give us a call.

If you were a waiter or a guest at the Irish Embassy during that famous Christmas party; if you were the taxi driver who ferried the bishop to Crucifix Lane; if you are a resident of Crucifix Lane or the owner of the car in question, come forward.

And, of course, we want pictures! It is our hope that this colourful volume – to be sold in aid of the Confused Prelates’ Benevolent Fund – will have something for all the family.