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With the establishment of an Ordinariate in the Roman Catholic Church for ex-Anglicans a new and pressing problem will arise. How to tell a real Catholic? We at Ecubooks (the UK’s premier publisher of books serving the Ecumenism industry) have already anticipated this gap in the market.

Our booklet with just that title (How to tell a Real Catholic, 92 pages, £6.99) will be invaluable to all those who face this tricky problem of discernment. Are you an Evangelical Anglican with little knowledge of those ‘further up the candle’? Are you a ‘Vatican II’ Catholic, anxious about the conservative revisionism of Pope Benedict? Are you a member of the Latin Mass Society, the Society of Pope Pius X or Opus Dei?

All those people, and more, will find How to tell a Real Catholic an indispensable companion on their ecumenical journey, speaking as it does to their deepest preconceptions and anxieties.

How to tell a Real Catholic is published in a handy pocket-sized format (not unlike the Observer’s Books we remember from our youth!). It comes complete with discussion notes for use in parish groups and ecumenical encounters. There is also a large print version available.

And who better to author this piece of cutting-edge ecclesiology than John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York? We are delighted to welcome the Archbishop to our long list of distinguished contributors, alongside old favourites like William Levada and Walter Kasper. ND