Salt with savour

Paul Lansley

Thank you for giving us the full text of Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk’s refreshing blast of cooling wind from the Moscow Patriarchate.

It was all the more telling for coming from a Church that has suffered 70 years of persecution at the hands of real modernists and secularists, but finally emerged triumphantly with ‘saltiness’ unimpaired.

Paul S. Lansley
31A King Coel Road,

Right and Wrong

Canon John Burrows

Ed Tomlinson is right to warn us of the Liberal agenda in both church and state – and found in most Christian denominations. But is he being fair to the Church of England?

Neither Scripture nor the Early Church is clear about divorce. In the West by the Middle Ages, Augustine’s teaching that marriages should not be dissolved had become one that they could not be dissolved.

Today the Roman Catholic Church is in the unenviable position of granting decrees of nullity for rather light causes, as well as forbidding artificial birth control.

Pastorally most priests have know ndisastrous first marriages succeeded by very good second ones. While I would not officiate at the wedding of a divorcee myself, the priests I know who do, and do so after careful consideration and the approval of the bishop.

(Canon) John Burrows.
55 Berners Street,
Ipswich IP1 3LN

Fat cats and Swiss Cheese

Father Tony Noble

I was quite taken by the article about cheese in October ND by David Nichol. Not that I have to watch my cholesterol level, or that I am “rather stout”. Quite the opposite – as my SSC brethren will glady testify! It just seemed that his story was a parable about our dear Anglican Church.

“Reduced fat” it said on the cheese label, in faint white lettering. Not that the Church of England or ECUSA has reduced the fat. Quite the opposite, rather it is more and more top-heavy with what is described in political terms as fat cats. Rather, for some time we have been fed a church which should be labelled “reduced theology”, and certainly “reduced catholicity”. And it is probably Swiss Cheese, with lots of holes!

To think that the church we serve and have loved is reduced to the image of cheese!

Father Tony Noble

All Saints Church,
San Diego, California

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